I want to thank the Omak School District for that great Facebook live video they did last Jan. 4. It was very informative.

EDITORIAL: Communities need to work, plan together

Far too often residents of Okanogan County and neighboring Ferry County seem to say there’s never much to do around the region.

GUEST COLUMN: Would you cast a vote for levy, bond?

Would you cast a yes vote for the upcoming Omak School District levy if you knew we would raise about a million dollars of local money that would be matched by $6 million from the state?

CENTER STAGE: Locals appear on small screen

Last week’s snow storm was sure nice. Aside from the constant shoveling, slower traffic and increased burden, when the day’s work is done, it is nice to sit down with a hot cup of tea and watch the snowflakes fall.

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Jury duty provides a writing topic

Newspaper people, when they get called for jury duty, end up with something to write about even if they aren’t picked to sit on the jury.

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Pirate ship may be sinking

Sometimes I fear the pirate ship may be sinking.

CENTER STAGE: Plenty of music on tap in 2018

Well, here we are in 2018. Where the heck did last year go? Last week I started looking for upcoming big-named acts scheduled to perform around the region in the coming months.

CENTER STAGE: Looking back at the 2017 entertainment scene

The gifts have been cleared from under the Christmas tree and 2017 is quickly coming to a close.

OUR VIEW: Letter writing tradition continues

Chronicle readers don’t miss an opportunity to voice their opinions through letters to the editor.

Tease photo

CENTER STAGE: OVOC brings great performance

Saturday brought a stellar show to the Omak Performing Arts Center as the Okanogan Valley Orchestra and Chorus hosted its annual holiday concert. Never before have I been more impressed with this fine group of musicians as I was with their latest performance.

CENTER STAGE: Holiday events on tap Saturday

Christmas is right around the corner. Earlier this week, while driving to the office, I noticed only a few houses along my way with beautiful colored lights on them. Which begs the question, why are so few people decorating this year?

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Turkey day, then tree decisions

The holiday season is in full swing, still with more emphasis on Christmas than Thanksgiving, even though turkey day is tomorrow.

CENTER STAGE: Streaming music can be really convenient

I love listening to music, be it one of today’s “hot new” songs, or a classic from yesteryear. While I’ll admit the bulk of my music collection (both physical and digital) is country, bluegrass and classic rock, I’ve got nothing against classical, folk, blues, and even the occasional pop song. Last week my brother purchased a subscription for me to the popular streaming music service Spotify.

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Era of 747 comes to an end

The Boeing 747, with its iconic cockpit “hump,” soon will be just a memory as far as passenger service goes.

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Let's not gloss over Thanksgiving

Does Thanksgiving even matter anymore?