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VIEW FROM THE SIDELINES: Seattle hockey name sought

How about Chinooks or Sockeyes?

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VIEW FROM THE SIDELINES: Bjornsen claims bronze

Boesel receives conference volleyball honor

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VIEW FROM THE SIDELINES: Virtual racing arrives

Ida: Celebrities could compete safely

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VIEW FROM THE SIDELINES: ProWest contestants vote county fair best in the state

Omak seniors play on national winning softball team

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VIEW FROM THE SIDELINES: Willis twins shine in soccer

Omak softball team raises funds selling Christmas trees

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Garcia named CWL’s Player of the Year

Taylor makes first team in 1A CTL

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VIEW FROM THE SIDELINES: Love connecting math with sports

Juggling numbers can be awesome

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Turkey day, then tree decisions

The holiday season is in full swing, still with more emphasis on Christmas than Thanksgiving, even though turkey day is tomorrow.

CENTER STAGE: Streaming music can be really convenient

I love listening to music, be it one of today’s “hot new” songs, or a classic from yesteryear. While I’ll admit the bulk of my music collection (both physical and digital) is country, bluegrass and classic rock, I’ve got nothing against classical, folk, blues, and even the occasional pop song. Last week my brother purchased a subscription for me to the popular streaming music service Spotify.

VIEW FROM THE SIDELINES: NCAA game on tap in Wenatchee

Omak grad works to get men's basketball at Toyota Town Center

VIEW FROM THE SIDELINES: Mascots can be real

Real, live critters still roam the sports sidelines

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Era of 747 comes to an end

The Boeing 747, with its iconic cockpit “hump,” soon will be just a memory as far as passenger service goes.

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Let's not gloss over Thanksgiving

Does Thanksgiving even matter anymore?

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VIEW FROM THE SIDELINES: Central Washington University honors Pioneers

Pair of Omak 1967 graduates paved way for women in sports

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Remembering Elizabeth Widel

My friend and longtime co-worker Elizabeth Widel died last Tuesday at age 100.