CENTER STAGE: Neal McCoy brings show to Waterville

Johnny Rodriguez brings traditional country sounds to Manson

While we are less than a month away from the first day of fall (Sept. 22), there’s still time to enjoy the sunny weather and take in a great show around the Northwest.

POINT OF THEW: Every life should matter, it’s time to get over it!

Remember, when the term BLM used to strike fear in the hearts of ranchers, because it meant Bureau of Land Management (the government) was unjustly doing something or another?

POINT OF THEW: Let’s get real about property rights

What do you have if you can’t have your property?

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VIEW FROM THE SIDELINES: Proctor continues rise through PRCA ranks

Former Raider bull rider is ranked No. 17 in PRCA

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VIEW FROM THE SIDELINES: Kaepernick still looking for work

Free-agen quarterback awaits call to play

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VIEW FROM THE SIDELINES: Bull rider moves up PRCA standings

Proctor comes in second in average at Cheyene Frontier Days Rodeo

POINT OF THEW: Fed up with off-the-record slamming

I probably don’t have to tell you that we live in a day and age when people who voted for the loser in 2016 (Hillary) think that they have the right to call the people who didn’t every name in the book.

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VIEW FROM THE SIDELINES: Bring back our SuperSonics

Seattle remains on NBA’s short list of favorite cities in which to expand

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VIEW FROM THE SIDELINES: August signups are planned for flag football

Pinochle players hit on 1,500 in clubs

POINT OF THEW: Ticket prices sure don’t make sense

Last weekend had my head spinning.

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VIEW FROM THE SIDELINES: Coaches bleed school colors

Dodger manager Tommy Lasorda knew how to motivate

VIEW FROM THE SIDELINES: Good eats this Fourth!

Remembering many great times

POINT OF THEW: Oh, 30 percent of readers won’t agree

The headline above isn’t referring to election numbers. I’m talking about poll numbers.

NO LEFTOVERS: A really smoky weekend

After a couple attempts to try smoker-style cooking in my indirect propane grill and a barrel drum camp cooker, I bit the bullet and picked up a real deal smoker.